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LETTER: Sanders is a safer bet than Clinton


“Hillary Clinton continues to lead Bernie Sanders in polling, but when questioned, more people align with Sanders’ views and policies than Clinton’s.

So why isn’t he leading in the polls? The answer is that many people think that he’s not electable in the general election. There are two issues here.

First (and the most obvious), saying you won’t vote for someone because you don’t think they can win is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course he can’t win if you don’t vote for him. If everyone who likes him (and this is the majority) does vote for him, he will win. It’s math.

The second issue isn’t brought up very often. Clinton is loathed by Republicans. They despise her. While Sanders has made good inroads with many moderate Republicans, Clinton is nearly universally hated. Most Republicans are not excited about their selection of candidates. Whoever gets their nomination will most likely not energize the party to show up and vote.

However, the chance to vote against Clinton will bring out Republicans in droves. Unsurprisingly, polling has proven this. Sanders performs better against nearly all of the Republican candidates than Clinton.

If more Democrats like Sanders and he has a better chance of winning against the Republicans, it should be a no-brainer on who they should select.

Of course, this won’t happen on its own. Register as a Democrat and make sure to vote in this state’s primary.”

-Brad Bisinger via Courier-Post

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December 15, 2015 3:59 pm

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