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Description of a Table


Like right now, it just started raining in Hollywood, FL. I’m blowing my cheeks

outward. I find this soothing because

for some reason

the inside of my cheeks is all chewed up. I think it happened the night after

I drank no less than four shots of patrón and 

chased after a penny in the swimming pool. Yes,

I chased after a penny, and I found the whole experience nostalgic.

Now for this description of a table. It’s the one I’m writing on. It doesn’t belong to me:

[1] Air horn (can).

[2] New Times, upside down.

[3] Green Christmas lights, tumbled.

[4] Roll of paper towels, half-used.

[5] Opened aluminum AVTR can, 33% full.

[6] The Florida Mariner.

[7] Southwinds – News & Views for Southern Sailors.

[8] White coffee mug, stained at the dregs.

[9] Turquoise pencil, dulled to the point of exaggeration, Mary inscribed in black on the whittled barrel.

[10] Two remote controls – Zenith, RCA –  parallel to each other and pointing to the back door, which sits directly north and one foot behind the television.

[11] Lighter.

[12] Miniature flash light, black on green, probably plastic.

“I have one word for you Benjamin.”

“What’s that?”


[13] Triangular RTA highlighter, one marker tip at each vertex. Green and orange cap interchanged. Blue cap on its appropriate marker tip.

[14] Yacht Essentials, upside down.

[15] Opened All At Sea, page 19, which is composed of two columns. The left opens: “‘You don’t think I’ve love to reproduce with a yachtie and have his sailorboy?’ asked a frustrated female dirt-dweller who requested her name not be used.” The right ends: “Many farmers are learning to swim. Let’s all hope for the day when ‘home owner’ isn’t a derogatory term nor ‘sailor’ a preferential one.”

[16] Superports – The Definitive Superyacht Marina Guide.

[17] Waterfront News – South Florida’s Nautical Newspaper since 1984.

[18] Health Wave, upside down.

[19] Napkin, green on white.

[20] Replacement Christmas lights.

[21] Circumnavigator.

[22] Three cigars, hand-rolled by Cuban in Hialeah.

[23] Triangular ashtray, handmade.

[24] Ash.

[25] Empty Grolsch bottle.

February 5, 2010 9:21 am

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