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New Ocean in Ethiopia Confirmed


new ocean

The show must go on. That’s the way it is with Earth.

There’s no time for rest.

Continents must continue to move at the same rate our fingernails grow.

And ocean basins must continue to form.

The earth is restless.

It has a lot of shifting around and reorganizing to do while the sun still burns strong.

However, the 35-mile-long rift that formed in just 3 weeks in northeastern Ethiopia shouldn’t be a reason to meditate on the inevitable end of life, but rather a cause for celebration. After all,

what you see above is a birth, not a death. The birth of a new ocean!

Back in 2005, when the rift first appeared, geologists didn’t agree on what forces were at play, but now it is generally accepted that in another million years the Red Sea will spill into this rift, which is already 20 feet wide in parts, and a new ocean will have to be memorized and correctly placed by school kids everywhere.

Can you get more dynamic than this?


November 6, 2009 1:23 am

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