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If you are pro-capitalism you should vote for Bernie Sanders. Because he is the only one who can save capitalism in America. All through history great inequality has led to instability and eventually revolutions. In revolutions it is not the moderates who win but the extremists.

With Bernie Sanders strong property rights will remain, all important products will still be exchanged in a free market, there will still be free speech. Can you expect to keep those things if extremists get in power once inequality has risen to unsustainable levels?
Povel Vieregg

Back in the eighties, we Americans underwent a sort of training and didn’t know it. All sorts of words started to be spun toward certain political aims either to shame people or to make them look Tom Cruise shiny. Here are three major ones: welfare, socialist, and liberal. It’s like we were white mice wearing electrodes and when these words came up we received a nasty, unforgettable shock and had all sorts of ghastly images played out in our minds, mostly having to do with a sadsack government wasting hard workers’ money on losers who would not help themselves and eggheads who sat around detached from it all and really didn’t get the common man’s needs. Meanwhile, Europe rolled on without our being very aware of it or its use of these terms. So in such a discussion you will inevitably get some American guy posturing, trying to convince you you’re an idiot, and ready to inflict violence if need be to keep employers of these terms at bay, even if they are being used in a very different sense than how he knows them. It’s a lot of spear-rattling and it’s silly. They don’t want to know more. They don’t want to find out how little they know. They just want you to be wrong to save their pride the trauma.
C Cohen

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January 27, 2016 11:21 am

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