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Teenagers No Longer Find Schoolhouse Rock! Funny


When you think of our teenagers today, do you feel good or bad about the state of this country?  Is it just me or is this demographic desensitized to just about everything?

It wasn’t necessarily this video that got me thinking along these lines, but a comment  to it that I happened to read on YouTube:

I teach grade 9 English and we show this video to our classes at our high school. Of course, we promote it as being very dated and comical, although it still does the trick!

I couldn’t believe how unmoved by the video my students were! Not a single sing-along or laugh or giggle even!


I can imagine ravcreed’s classroom while Schoolhouse Rock! played.  The blinds shut, the lights off, a grid of shadowy desks with students sitting in them, reactionless.

When the camper and the turtle begin to unpack their adjectives, ravcreed wants to laugh so badly, but, after gauging the state of the teenagers in the classroom, decides it best to hide any sentiments.

February 18, 2009 2:53 pm

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