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Review: Shattering Glass (Part 3)

ml kennedy

Part 3 of Shattering Glass is available here.

In short, things are really shaping up. With Shattering Glass Coyne is able to effectively blend the fantastic with the mundane. He has invented a world where windows can be broken by looking at them and where matter can be transmuted. He has invented a world with its own cyberpunk Cloak of Invisibility, but real world problems still exist. One of the main characters can’t afford school and may be forced to drop out. Another discovers an Oscar Bait Movie twist about her family. A third is brutally assaulted by a secret society.

Okay, so maybe we cannot relate to all of these problems.

Still, it is easy to relate to these characters. The situations here tend to mirror my college experiences and those of the folks around me. (Though, admittedly, one of those folks was Coyne himself.) Roommates go missing, relationships are tested, coursework exacerbates personal problems, and people can be surprisingly generous as often as they can be inexplicably cruel.

I look forward to part Four.

-M. L. Kennedy

March 10, 2012 3:25 pm

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