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The Persistence of Crows by Grant Maierhofer

Tiny TOE Press
the persistence of crows


a novel
173 pages
handpressed w/ handprinted cover
Grant Maierhofer

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The Persistence of Crows
ebook (Amazon)


Henry Alfi is feeling lost. With relationships imploding and dissatisfaction on the rise, escaping his native Midwest could set everything right in his life.

Along with fellow journalists from his college newspaper, Alfi travels to New York City. There he embarks on an emotional odyssey through Manhattan and back home, desperate to alleviate the pervading sense of indifference and misery on the horizon.

In his search he meets a girl who is also confused and desperate to find a better life. The two lovebirds thrive off the pulse of the big city and share their troubled pasts.

Literary Fiction


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Grant Maierhofer is the author of Ode to a Vincent Gallo Nightingale (Drunk Uncle/Black Coffee Press). His work has appeared in Split Lip Magazine, Gesture, Brawler Lit, and We Feel Pretty. He’s a frequent contributor to HTMLGIANT and Delphian Inc. He lives in Wisconsin.

Visit him online: www.miredingriefmiredingrief.com

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