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Guilty of Sitting There & Other Poems

Joseph Robert


The sensitive person watched a little girl
As she gave a smaller boy a nice yellow flower
Park; sharing; kindness; innocence; summer; touching warmth
The sensitive person dully catalogued another treasure
Internalizing a sliver of existence
That fit with the program of what should be
But the subsequent event
When the little girl shoved the boy face first into the dirt
Touched on a nerve of the sensitive person’s Genesis
To which they had become insensate
The boy, the girl, the flower that was touching though
Touching off an urge for the sensitive person to share
The touching-ness of it some how


Creep Out, Sheep

That most dangerous place
Is alone with other peoples’ thoughts
The most damaging place
Is abroad, roleplaying our mad fellows’ fantasies
For sheep without a shepherd
Are meat on the lamb
And most of human instinct is simply this:
“Please tell me what to think, when to feel and how to do.”


Guilty of Sitting There

Sad sweet slope
Of success that’s coming too slow
To take for granted
A drag that
Pulls the plug
And drains our day’s
Brain basins
Of joie de vie
Where joie de vie
Is a bilingual dictionary entry
We have no need to



AUTHOR BIO: Joseph Robert notices you sneakJoseph Roberting furtive glances at him whilst he tries to read the newspaper. “What’s your problem?” he asks. Although it’s clear that what he means by this is ‘Don’t you dare project your problems onto me.’ What do you do? Go to page 6. if you say, “You’re my problem, pal!” Go to the next page if instead you quickly glance back down at what you’re pretending to read.

August 28, 2014 6:58 pm

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