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Sun No Longer in Aries

Lisa Mann

As the earth turned
and the stars
fell into the canyon
the night captured
what little fire remained
the glow from the stars
growing dim,
the light in your eyes

As you led the horses through
the crevice between rocks,
hooves slipping on lose slate,
I watched you pause and listen,
your shadow growing smaller
with the lack of light

And then you were gone.

My heart sank deep
into the ground below me
Even in the dream
loss found me
with its heavy fists
and sharp teeth

I told myself
The world will keep spinning
without you,
as I continued walking
up the rocky grade

And it spins,
and the planets shift

But without the warmth
of fire
or any light
to show the way.

AUTHOR BIO:: Lisa was raised in California’s Mojave desert and currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to The Open End, her poetry has been previously published in Jeopardy, Howl, and the Desert Writer’s issue of The Sun Runner.

September 24, 2019 6:51 pm

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