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Lisa Mann

Hide, a poem by Lisa Mann

Fall hides under the
cool rocks
of this prehistoric
There are no autumn
no fire-red trees that
dot the sand
There is instead
a shifting of the light
that signals to its
A time to hide

Weary of the punishing heat
I take my place among
the other
desert blooms
quietly wave goodbye
to all the things that summer took

Turn once to look
before descending into dark.

AUTHOR BIO:: Raised by wolves in the Mojave desert, Lisa was released to civilization at an early age, where she discovered books of poetry by Anne Sexton, novels by Tom Robbins and characters like Bonanza Jellybean. Her poetry has been previously published in Jeopardy, a Western Washington University publication, Howl, and the Desert Writers Issue of The Sun Runner.

June 16, 2018 8:08 am

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