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Lisa Mann

The dry whip of Santa Ana’s
blow like hot breath on the
back of the neck,
sail through passes,
heating and charging the dusty air,
the clatter of metal and flying debris
lands like space junk in eucalyptus trees
sends edgy animals running through streets
where dust devils gather
and spin the sand
blurring this balding,
December day
howling out warnings
to the valley floor,
of fire,
of winter
of hunger.

AUTHOR BIO:: Raised by wolves in the Mojave desert, Lisa was released to civilization at an early age, where she discovered books of poetry by Anne Sexton, novels by Tom Robbins and characters like Bonanza Jellybean. Her poetry has been previously published in Jeopardy, a Western Washington University publication, Howl, and the Desert Writers Issue of The Sun Runner.

January 13, 2018 12:02 pm

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