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A Prediction :: Trump, Un, and Mothman

dom schwab

Given the (following list of) facts:

President Donald Trump is how he is
and in power (bombastic, impulsive,
a frenetic ball of action without thought,
reputation-boaster without substance);

Dear Leader Kim Jong Un is how he is
and in power (bombastic, insane, dead-set
on fulfilling his father’s and grandfather’s
vision of ruling the Koreans and, what’s more,
the entire world by knocking the United States
from their perch at the top, aided in doing so
by China and Russia);

There are nuclear weapons on the table
from America, Russia, and, increasingly,
Un’s North Korea, the latter having also
been working fervently on building inter-
continental ballistic missiles capable of
reaching the continental United States,
with recent reports indicating that Un’s
North Korea has finally achieved this
objective, evidenced by recent missile
testing in July, 2017;

The increasingly hostile words expressed
by the volatile leaders of the world’s various
countries seem to suggest that tensions around
the world and within various countries are high; &

Since April or May, 2017, and with increasing frequency,
there have been reported sightings of a large bat or owl-like
creature sighted in Chicago’s downtown area…a creature
reported to be taller than 6 feet, dark and winged, with glowing
red eyes, which has reportedly been perched atop bridges and
lampposts in front of Harold Washington Library, screeching
hideously through the air, flying along Lake Shore Drive and
above Millennium Park, located between Chicago’s downtown/
Loop area and that area’s Lake Michigan shorefront…this creature,
in description, seems to most resemble the legendary Mothman
of Point Pleasant, WV, a town which was home to a string of
paranormal events during the 1950s & 60s, with eyewitnesses
reporting encounters with UFOs, Men In Black, prophetic messages,
strange coincidences, and, most famously, a large, dark, red-eyed,
winged creature which was later dubbed “The Mothman,” due to
the rise in popularity of superhero comic books at that time, and
was most notably documented in Fortean paranormal investigator
John A. Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies…while the Mothman takes
a backseat to the other happenings in Keel’s nonfiction book, one
thing is made quite clear: The Mothman seems to be a harbinger
of tragedy, disaster, and doom—that is, the Mothman( or, rather,
the entity/-ies which have come to be known as the Mothman(s))
is a harbinger of death, because the paranormal events afflicting
Point Pleasant, WV, during the 1950s/60s only came to a stop
after the Ohio River-straddling Silver Bridge collapsed without
cause or subsequent explanation, killing a few dozen people who
were stuck in a Christmas Eve traffic jam atop the aforementioned
Silver Bridge…it should be noted that the Mothman did not cause
this disaster, but functioned like a warning against the imminent
tragedy…at the time, Keel and other investigators and researchers
tried to theorize where all of these entities and beings originated,
and some hypothesized that the Mothman was either: 1) lived in
or was affiliated with the nearby nuclear power plant; 2) a mere
hallucination from the old, defunct nearby nuclear power plant;
or, 3) possibly both…nevertheless, the imagery and lore which
surrounded the Mothman spread, in no small part thanks to John
Keel’s book…and yet, it should be noted that entities like those
which have come to be known as Mothman have been witnessed
and reported throughout the ages, and when they appear in clusters,
as they have been doing lately in Chicago, they serve as tell-tale

I predict:

The fevered minds of those we unfortunately have
in power around the world will culminate in disaster:
Un, in all of his irrationality, will seek to demonstrate
his power and courage by ordering the launch of an ICBM,
seeking strategically to strike Chicago because Chicago is
located in the central part of the continent and is nestled
next to the country’s greatest natural resource: a great lake,
e.g. Lake Michigan, i.e. fresh water, which will prompt Trump
to retaliate against the totalitarian North Korean state,
thus beginning a third, and perhaps final, world war…; &

as for the red-eyed creature: if, as I theorize, Mothman is,
not a physical beast, but is instead a spiritual, ethereal, or
interdimensional being which permeates realms/dimensions
and is attracted to heavy sources of energy (think: nuclear),
then the current sightings of Mothman throughout 2017 in
Chicago may be interpreted as a warning; for, like a moth
battering against a windowpane to reach the source of light,
so, too, the winged being flutters throughout Chicago’s Loop,
trying to find the source of the sickly heavy energy which,
outside of this dimension’s time, it can sense, and which will
soon be dropped upon the downtown area, where one may
visit Millennium Park, the Harold Washington Library, or
the beautifully inviting beaches of Lake Michigan.



August 9, 2017 8:37 pm

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