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The story of a girl eating popcorn with increasing intensity, eventually grabbing popped kernels by the handful, nom nom nom, marveling at how each kernel goes into her mouth, such precision, when with little warning the first crumb slips away, never quite making it beyond her lips actually, and comes to rest on the crook of her elbow, lodged between forearm and biceps, where she attempts ever so carefully to extract it using forefinger and thumb, but stops short to warm up her instruments, which need to perform at least as well as sterilized stainless steel tweezers, there now, feeling sufficiently ready, or as ready as she’ll ever be, she slows her breathing as she inches closer and closer until she must admit that this is more than just a crumb, it’s a fully popped kernel, enough to chew, the possibility of losing such a blossomed kernel blurs her vision, the fallen piece of popcorn tumbles toward her, she pinches her elbow in to keep it from falling farther, effectively jamming it between forearm, biceps, and waist, then the bowl of popcorn teeters on her lap, almost spilling all over the carpet, she thinks better of the situation and places it on the ottoman before continuing her retrieval, in this way she remains frozen between two points, crooked.

September 18, 2016 6:35 pm

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