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SlimNote Pocket Journals :: Healing Together Conference


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As I sit in the studio waiting for the glue to dry on the spines of the 99th and 100th large SlimNotes, I stare at the stack that I’ve watched grow from nothing, that I have in fact made from nothing, that is, if you count 2.5 reams of paper and 100 sheets of kraft paper “nothing.”

This is my sculpture–a tower of blank journals–and I’m excited about their futures.

After all, people fall in love with the right cut of notebook.

Good thing these notebooks love back.

Soon each of the 100 people attending the “Healing Together Conference” in Orlando will have a part of this sculpture.

An Infinite Mind organizes this annual event held for:

  • Survivors with all types of dissociative disorders, especially those with DID.
  • Supporters and loved ones of people with dissociative disorders and DID.
  • Mental Health Professionals who currently treat dissociative clients or would like to learn more about treating dissociation and DID.

SlimNote is honored to be present in notebook form at this year’s gathering and hopes to do the same next year.

These 100 large SlimNotes were made in a stress free environment with relaxed music.

Lenny, my dog, was always present though mostly sleeping.

Every now and then a wave of love would sweep through him and he would stand up from his bed and wag his tail with his ears tucked back and stand with his two front paws on my chair and lick my face as I gave him hugs then he would wag his tail back to his bed and curl into a seashell.

Here we are on a beautiful morning walk in Austin.

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Thank you to everyone who uses one of our handmade perfect bound pocket notebooks, without you no one would know about us and more than likely we wouldn’t be present in Orlando.

I am hoping in 2015 to get more SlimNotes into the hands of interesting people.

Because if you’re reading this there is no doubt you are an interesting person.

All of you are creators/builders/makers/doers who would prefer the right cut of notebook over the wrong, or even almost right cut.

It’s not like you need the right cut, you would just prefer it.

You’re logical but not too demanding.

I want our notebooks to fit nicely into your coat pockets so you’ll have a place to leave a part of yourself in the next time you realize something beautiful as you ride the highways of life.

Smiling is good for your health.

That means finding a reason to smile is also good for your health.

The hunt for a smile is good for your health.

The trick is to live searching for a smile while smiling.

Try living tomorrow with a smile of varying degrees on your face all the time.

Always smiling.

Wear that smile in the name of your health.

You know those drawings made without lifting your pencil?

Well, I think that’s basically what you’re reading is.

You’re reading everything, not just the important lines, the lines that define a shape, but all the connecting lines in between.

What do you think about that?

Is it like trekking through 100,000 miles of my white matter nerve fibers?

Your brain is infinitely more complex than your liver.

I have an issue of National Geographic on the table where I eat my meals.

I look at the pictures and read through its articles.

In this way I learn things.

My goal is to write fast and hard until I generate heat in my fingers.

It’s cold enough outside for it to be cold in the studio.

To my left is the stack of 100 large SlimNotes.

Soon they will all measure 5 x 8 inches with rounded corners and our logo stamped on the back.

Then they will be my sculpture destined to leave me forever, taking USPS Large Flat Rate Priority Mail to Orlando.


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January 24, 2015 5:51 pm

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