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Flash Fiction Friday :: The Light in Her Eyes

Allen Butler

green eyed girl

Here in the darkness of the trees, faint shimmering moonbeams shining through the leaves, I need no light but her. She radiates, illuminating the entire world round her. My eyes fall upon her face, so fair, so beautiful under the glittering light of the crescent moon. She turns, ever so slightly, toward me, her eyes latching onto mine.

I am trapped, ensnared. Her eyes open wide, shining with their brilliance; I can feel the warmth of her gaze wash over me. Strands of golden hair fall across her face, threatening to hide her eyes from me. Without a thought my hand reaches out, brushing back her hair, caressing her face. My fingers trace her cheekbone, sliding down to her lips and resting there ever so slightly – if only my lips could be there instead. Never do her eyes leave mine.

We sit there together in silence, lost in each other. In this eternal moment I know bliss, a bliss unlike any before or since.

Thunder claps in the distance. Envious gods smashing the earth in jealous rage that mere mortals could taste this piece of heaven. I forget myself, turn my eyes toward the crash. For a moment I have lost her.

I turn back to find the light in her eyes storming. What had been love has turned to hate. Red flames flicker amidst the field of golden brown. I feel my skin charring from the heat of the glare. I slam my eyes shut, hoping to escape.

The fire dies. My eyes open slowly to darkness. I am alone. My vision fades as my eyes well up with tears.

October 17, 2014 4:20 am

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