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Cat Stuck In Tree

Al Billings

Most fire departments don’t send out ladder trucks to rescue cats off of roofs anymore. But this morning, bright and early, I could hear the thrum of a heavy duty diesel somewhere here in our apartment complex. But Austin being what it is, someone decided to rescue a cat that’s been moaning and bitching over the last few nights. Most of us know that any cat will eventually surrender and climb back out of the tree. In fact, the cat is still there, unhappy as hell. Where’s Norman Rockwell when we need him.

But the tenants enjoyed the morning’s activities. They sent a guy up a ladder that cleared the third floor roof of our building, and that gentleman gave his best effort, so until the cat surrenders, we’ll have to put up with kitty’s misery.

treecat 1

treecat 6

treecat 7

treecat 10

May 5, 2014 9:32 am

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