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Selfhood Has Been Captured Once and For All

Horatio Somersault


The first thing to do is to experience yourself with a content other than the action of looping back to the place you were a moment ago and stopping the action of the link between what you’re doing and the assessment of that doing when you can.

This will attempt to self-deconstruct the otherworld premise you hang to in the cringe-worthy self-discussion of the Knowledge Sphere.

Partially schizophrenic wolves consider the consideration of discussions between anger and anger. Anger and anger regret their past mistakes and wrongdoings upon one another and play each other softly like pianos of pain. Their fingers pluck themselves inside their hearts.

Two men are discussing the Hollister clothing brand considering their self-worth. They’re also making passing references to a bank robbery, so long as they can manage to find the correct gun.

I have no role models as God. God has no role models.

Privileging sight is a common primate stereotype. I could smell and consider the body’s chief seat.

Three small toddlers are staring at a Starbucks display. One is wearing a red bandanna and curly blonde hair. One is wearing a green tank top. One is wearing a bright orange baseball cap.

“We did not have a good day,” said Mom. “We did have a good day,” says one of the children. She circles in the air with her finger and says “All three of you.” “Chris–stand still.” “Alex Daniel.”

The boy in the green tank top is being protected more than the rest of them. “Chris,” she says. “Hand me your sword.” Chris starts crying. The boy in the orange hat is trying to stand still. One of the kids wants a cookie. Another one says he wants a cookie. Both of them begin crying. “Christopher and Aiden, come on kids,” she says.

The men planning a bank robbery say “I think she’s kind of like, insecure about things?”

“Come here. Walk with me,” the mom says. “Now.” I don’t know what to do here, hypothethically.

“He was a swimmer,” says the same man planning the robbery. “He has a few loose ends, I’m not going to invest too much time in it,” he says.

“I pushed myself so hard I almost died,” said the man robbing the bank.

“Panic mode,” he said. I remember people watching with my friend’s mother outside the snow resort sitting by the pub lodge fire when I was 12 as I rode down the mountain by myself at night under fake snow.

“The people under meditation,” the robber said. Both of them paused. “Some people can meditate for days, weeks, because their metabolism is like, going up, it’s just like, nothing, like thinking about nothing, you just sit down and you like, ARE,” he says.

I feel my own mind jump against the top of my body as if it were attempting to leave but hit a cage at the top of my skull.


July 10, 2013 8:21 pm

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