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Mother’s Day Free eBooks

Tiny TOE Press

It’s a very important day: Mother’s Day.
May all the happiness in the world grace every mother.
If your mother likes to read eBooks,
GalleyCat has a list tailored especially for them.
And they’re all free to download.

In unrelated news, yesterday Bridget made a set of linocut covers,
and this week we’ll be putting together a fresh batch of Tiny TOE books.
While she was busy making unique iterations of beautiful art,
I crafted this gif to give you an idea of what the finished books will look like.

TTP linocut covers

In more unrelated news, we are currently editing our fall 2013 releases.
They are available for preorder via paypal on theopenend.com.
If you read this blog,
I can promise you these books will be a million times better than any post.
If you’ve read any of the 4 Tiny TOE Press books currently available,
I can promise you these books will meet/exceed your expectations.
And if you read great literature,
I can promise you these books will do your idea of ‘great literature’ justice.
Only $10 for the linocut edition.

Tiny TOE Press Fall 2013 Preorder

May 12, 2013 3:01 pm

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