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Two Love Poems On The Internet

Eduardo Quinones


I wish you were a website so I could ‘refresh’ you all day

From a distance your face looks like capital letters
I am randomly clicking you, from a distance
you don’t feel it, but I can feel it.

I want to block you from my web browser.

I am addicted to your web presence

please update your blog

I want to feel closer to you


There are planets in space that from a distance look more beautiful than your face but I am on earth standing next to you and I can’t look up or down or around because all I want to do is look at you.

I will name my son katy perry and my daughter Haruki Murakami and I will kiss you like I have never kissed you before and I will ignore every text message I receive because I am based in your presence. I will listen to lil b and smoke weed in your kitchen. I will become a doctor for your desire and hire a gardener to clean your room. Will you marry me? We will play waka flocka flame at the wedding reception and adopt five orphans named Bruce Willis.

April 12, 2012 12:03 am

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