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If only I could write comedy.

It seems to me like comedy is something unnatural.

It’s like, while I want to make people laugh, I’m not at all natural at doing it.

How is it possible to write comedy?

I run the risk of not making people laugh.

I think it’s safer to write what comes naturally and let it be funny when it wants to.

Everything you write will be funny at one point or another.

It’s inevitable.

Trust me.

There are many reasons a person laughs.

To write a narrative of substantial length and not make a person laugh at least once would be more of an achievement than a failure, if you think about the likelihood of laughter.

People laugh when they’re uncomfortable. People laugh to overcome sadness.

People laugh to work out their mouths. Laughter can satisfy restlessness.

People laugh when something terrible happens. Schadenfreude.

People laugh at stupid things and crazy things. People laugh at farts.


Picture a student farting one day and not acknowledging his own fart.

Picture the tutor ignoring his student’s fart and continuing to teach quadratic functions.

The next day the same student brings something his tutor has never seen. Flarp.

The student informs his tutor,

“I forgot to take my meds today. I’m going to be hyper. I’m warning you.”

About thirty minutes later the student opens his can of noise putty and pokes his index finger into it.

Nothing happens until he pokes 75% of the way down.

The sound of a wet fart gurgles up from the bottom of the can.

It sounds like his fart from yesterday.

The tutor sort of laughs.

The student glares at his tutor and says,

“I can’t believe you laughed at that.”

April 3, 2012 6:24 pm

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