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Ultimate Road Trip Shopping Guide


Cell – Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB (AT&T)

Forget the iPad at home. I’ve read most of a Declan Tan novel on this phone. It’s bawdy, like A Confederacy of Dunces. I’ve found a Motel 6 on this phone. I’ve found a Whole Foods on this phone. I’ve found little boutique-like places in the French Quarter on this phone. I’ve watched Chelsea Lately on this phone. I’ve listened to NPR radio on this phone. I’ve looked at the forecast on this phone. I’ve wiped my nose with this phone. I’ve temporarily lost this phone when I left my pouch outside at a restaurant in New Orleans and a rock-bottom person found it after we left and we found her digging through the main pouch, which had the iPhone, and I said, “That’s mine.” And she said, “I was just looking for a way to mail it to you.” And I said, “Ok.” And Bridget stopped the car and I jumped out and the poor woman asked if I at least had anything to eat. With my pouch safe, I was impelled to give this woman a large amount of the food we had on the floor of the passenger seat, inside a paper grocery bag. In the end she got to nourish on a ripe banana. On this phone.

Case for iPhone – Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S  – Retail Packaging – Black

Much more expensive at The Shack.

Car Charger for iPhone – Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger for iPod and iPhone (Black)


Auxiliary Cable – Mediabridge – 3.5mm Male To 3.5mm Male Stereo Audio Cable – (4 Feet)

You can get cheaper cables that are 12 inches long, but you don’t want your iPhone dangling. For a few extra bucks everyone in the car can get their hand on the wafer-sized wheel.

Sunglasses – Vintage Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

Everyone in the car should have a pair of sunglasses, ideally of different colors. The Vintage Wayfarers are stylish and bright.

Pillow – TravelRest – The Travel Pillow Reinvented – Blue


Air Freshener – Wagan EL2022 Ionic Air Purifier

There are times when you can’t help yourself. This nifty device will keep that recycled air smelling fresh.

Travel Toothpaste and Toothbrush – Convenience Kits Mouthwash Toothpaste Toothbrush Travel Kit

To be used in rest areas.

Food – Planters Cashew Halves and Pieces made with Pure Sea Salt, 46-Ounce Tins (Pack of 2)

It’s shocking how unhealthy the selection is on the Amazon grocery story. I had to rummage through at least 3 James Blake songs before I found something with plain ingredients. This link will definitely save you time.

Entertainment – Nintendo 3DS – Cosmo Black

I don’t own a Nintendo 3DS. I did have a GameBoy when I was a kid though.

Vintage entertainment Original Nintendo Game Boy, Gray to match Rock-Solid iPhone case Nintendo Game Boy Gameboy Silicone Case For iPhone 4 4G

A comment I left on Amazon:

I was writing a post called “The Ultimate Road Trip Shopping Guide (A Ripe Banana On A Phone)” and came to a part where I suggested buying a Nintendo 3DS. I go on to say I don’t own a Nintendo 3DS. My only portable gaming device was this Game Boy. I got it for Christmas when I was a kid. Mamma bought it for me. The night before, I remember being with friends and knowing tomorrow I’d be fully involved with playing Game Boy. I don’t know where it is now. I remember the scratches on the screen. I remember the little red light that stayed lit while you played, that is, until your batteries weakened and the bulb started flickering and parts of the screen disappeared. Tetris blocks, or the propeller airplane that Mario flew through the sky, disappeared.


March 21, 2012 8:17 pm

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