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Austin Sirens



The sirens of Austin are not the same as sirens elsewhere

The sirens of Austin have square hips

Flashy eyes

Screechy voices

Constipated bowels

The sirens of Austin are bloated with wrongdoings

Not order

Not piano keys

like sirens elsewhere

Sirens that sing




Through the spigot

into the basin

A drop of honey

from the bear



Honey never splashes

Honey makes no sound

Silent honey

Serene honey

The man in the white shirt raises his arm high enough to cover the moon

Although his muscles bulge

the knife in his hand drips only with honey

The woman on the cliff looks at her muddy wedding dress

The crowd of men behind her scream with their arms raised high enough

to cover the moon

The woman doesn’t see the crowd

She cries through her ruddy makeup

Dropping into the ocean below her

She makes no splash


He throws a ring around a bottle and gives the girl next to him a giant teddy bear

She smiles to the sound of good music

He fills her mouth with song

They buy a house in the burbs

They have baby

buy dog

They wash clothes

Something happens

Just like that

she’s alone

Their baby a teenage boy

Their dog wise

November 25, 2011 2:35 pm

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