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What is DIY Publishing


I wrote and edited a book over the course of 12 months. I took the ‘completed’ manuscript and made it a ‘book’ pdf. I used helvetica almost throughout. I designed a color cover that seems to work. It’s a ‘suggestive’ picture I took of a slice of life.

Equipped with these materials, whenever I want to make a run of books, I xerox my ‘master’ manuscript and print some color covers on card stock.

Next, I set my press up on our kitchen table.

I use a box cutter and a blue cutting board to slice each sheet in half.

I score the cover with perfect measurements to create the spine.

I take my scored cover and the ‘cut’ manuscript’ and put both into a jig I built.

I clamp the ‘spine’ into place and pass the tip of a bottle of gorilla glue along it several times.

I spread the glue with a mixture of q-tip and toothpick.

I set the contraption on the edge of our kitchen table to dry.

~20 minutes later I have a perfect bound copy of Austin Nights.

Each time I fold the back cover into place I feel very good, like I’ve done something literary.

This is my idea of DIY (& indie) publishing.

February 16, 2011 10:02 pm

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