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AUSTIN NIGHTS :: First Print Run



This weekend I finished writing, editing, designing, printing, and binding my first book.

It’s 162 pages of perfect-bound sweetness.

I’m very happy about this DIY project and wanted to share.

8 finished books + 1 galley copy + a girl and a boy.

This is the front cover of AUSTIN NIGHTS. If you know Austin, you know this cover is a h/t to a famous motel on Congress Ave.

Crappy photo, but these are the guts of AUSTIN NIGHTS. Printed in Helvetica.

And this is the back cover of AUSTIN NIGHTS, the first book published by TINY TOE PRESS.

It’s available for $10 in person, or $13 online {includes shipping}.

The guy in the photo is me.

January 22, 2011 6:46 pm

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