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Some Notes on From Here To Baton Rouge

Al Billings

From Here To Baton Rouge [listen here] is a sentence fragment that popped into my head many years ago. I’d taken several shots at recording the tune the listener hears now, and this version is the one that worked.

From Here To Baton Rouge–an allusion to some charming middle distance of the soul, but freighted with a dark, whining undertow that floats below its own simplicity.

Recorded with a cheap Kay birch plywood arch-top built in the late twenties, the neck so warped that I can run a pencil between the strings and fingerboard.

When I record, I slide into a musical limbo free of theory or harmonic concerns and simply try to capture what’s coming out of my guitar. It was only after Michael Davidson posted the tune that I realized From Here To Baton Rouge is actually a waltz!

December 11, 2010 10:54 am

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