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In Case I Have a Seizure


::photo by christopher sly::

“In case I have a seizure don’t touch me or keep me from moving. Let my body beat how it wants.”

“Like a skyscraper sways in the wind?”

“No. If you keep my arm from seizing, or my head, you could permanently take away any movement in that part of my body. By stopping me from convulsing freely, you’re not letting my brain work how it thinks it should work and it could un-learn.”

“I see.”

“If I start seizing keep time. Anywhere from 2-3 minutes and I don’t have to go to the hospital. But if I seize for like 5 minutes, that’s more brain damage, which I don’t need. You can call an ambulance then, but try to get them to take me to the VA hospital because it’s free then, and they have my record on file. I keep a separate wallet on me with all my medical data. Here’s my VA card.”

“I’ve seen this blue card before. My stepfather has one.”

“If I start seizing try to take a video, or take a series of photos, because then my doctor can prescribe the medicine I need and take me off what I don’t. Like if I’m frothing from the mouth, or my eyes roll back, that’s useful information.”

“Should I keep your head safe?”

“Use your judgment. If I’m beating the ground real hard, maybe slip a towel under my head. Don’t use a pillow. And don’t touch my head.”


July 21, 2010 11:16 am

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