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Coast Guard Boot Camp :: Cape May, NJ


***these photos were just taken at random off the internet and have nothing to do with text***

And but we didn’t have papers
we had weed but not papers.
So we rolled it up into what we called ‘the funnel’
Which was just e-z wider
With enough pot for like five joints in it
Like rolled into like a cone-shaped thing.

And we bite off the end of it but you had to hold it up like this
And then the pot would burn down the middle.
So we’re out there smoking it like this and passing it around this circle
And we got busted.

We got caught.

So for punishment they made us take our sea bags
Instead of going to training
And just carry this 80-lb bag on your shoulder
Around what they call a ‘quadrangle’
Which is like uh
At graduation they had
You know that’s where you drilled to practice marching formation.
But around the edge was like a track where we ran around
And we . . .
What they did is when we you first started they made us run around
And they timed us.
Almost everybody improved because a lot of them
Were like junkies off the street and stuff
That got eating regular and sleeping regular
And all that.
Just made us more healthy I guess.

But anyway they made us march around this thing with the 80-lb thing
On our back for 24 hours nonstop.
The ones that stopped they got put back into a different company
Couple weeks behind in the training.
Oh no, we didn’t stop for anything. Day and night.

But when I finished it was like
Uh I don’t know
Like 3 in the morning or something
So then I just went to my bed and I didn’t get undressed or anything
I just fell on the bed and then they . . .
Next thing I knew they were blowing the whistle to get out of bed
Get out in formation
5 in the morning or whatever
Time to wake up and go
It wasn’t easy.

July 26, 2010 12:44 pm

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