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What you’re looking at is no toy. It weighs 33,000 pounds. It’s a SWINGMASTER. I found it on a walk I took down the railroad tracks. The windows were shattered and the keys were in the ignition.

I climbed on the back part and opened the door, but I didn’t sit on the springy seat because I got a little worried when an Austin patrol car started driving towards me.

Its tires crunched on the gravel.

This was my first time walking railroad tracks. Although I didn’t see any signs warning me to keep off this area, I wasn’t really looking for any signs. My idea was to walk down the tracks and take photos.

Even if there were warning signs, I would’ve ignored them and claimed ignorance.

But this patrol car got me a little worried.

I jumped off the SWINGMASTER and considered running away into the forest. I’ve run from the cops before. In fact, I wrote about my most recent run from the fuzz right here on TOE, in a long-winded post called:

To Google, Reddit, and TOE, Which Stands For The Open End.

Except, technically, I didn’t run from the cops then but  jumped into Biscayne Bay and swam for my life.

This time I would definitely have to run. There was no water anywhere. But I didn’t want to look more suspicious than I already looked, so I walked straight towards the patrol car and nodded into the mysterious darkness of tinted windows.

A voice got on a PA system and said, “You know that trains roll down this way quite often.”

The voice boomed across the desolate tracks. I thought it was a little excessive. Couldn’t he just roll down his window and talk to me?

I looked at the spot where his mug would normally be, adjusted my white baseball cap, and shouted, “Really? I wasn’t sure about that. I was just on my way home.”

Although the cop approved of my plan, for good measure he menacingly turned his patrol car around and watched me walk all the way to Oltorf St, which was the nearest thoroughfare.

June 29, 2010 2:31 pm

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