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The Blogging Stigma


Are bloggers real writers? I wish I could give a straightforward answer – yes, bloggers are real writers; no, bloggers aren’t real writers – and leave it at that, my answer, whatever it may be, an incontrovertible fact.

But this question has many parts.

To begin answering, I have to first ask: What is blogging? What is writing? And is there such a thing as real writing?

Please understand that the best I can do is ruminate, the best I can always do is ruminate, and ruminations change with the passing of time.

That’s what makes it possible for ruminations to become beautiful – growth through change – and this potential towards beauty is what makes ruminations always beautiful, no matter how misinformed, misled, and mistaken they may be.

Getting back to my questions, or should I just end there, with my last paragraph? I really don’t see where else I can go with this pseudo-intellectual post, and besides, I feel like I’ve already reached great enough heights.

March 23, 2010 11:05 am

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