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Me vs Me :: AutoScrabble Game Board


Off the wall and onto my plate, here’s my baked opinion: If you’re going to be married, then you better have children. If you have no intention of having children, then you shouldn’t get married. It makes complete sense. If you don’t want kids, then stay single. If you want kids, then get married. A single life, in its most ascetic state, doesn’t breed life. A single life, in its most ascetic state, is antiseptic, sterile, full of unlimited potential. It’s the conjugal life that procreates. The conjugal life is fecund.

That brings me to a short recollection. A memory has unearthed itself in my chamber of memories. But,

rather than digress, I’ll just show you a picture of a scrabble game I played against myself:

me vs me scrabble

The only tile left was the J.

December 11, 2009 4:45 pm

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