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oscars 2009 meryl streepThe Academy Awards. People’s Choice. Oscars. Golden Globes. The Emmy’s. MTV. Teen Choice. Celebrity Roasts. Walk of Fame. Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Hollywood Squares.


Is there no end to the accolades that celebrities shower upon each other? It’s a mutual admiration society, the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s nauseatingly over the top.

Most celebrities (not all) and award shows (all) are a bad combination of people with too much time, money, and ego on their hands. What else could it be? Maybe it’s the red carpet, or the fashion. It certainly can’t be the slew of mostly bad movies and television shows that Hollywood pumps out (Please, something besides shows with doctors, lawyers, spoiled teenagers, and forensic scientists). And then when something halfway decent comes along—you know, something with an actual story—(can you say Firefly?) it gets cancelled.

oscars 2009 hugh jackman

Mostly, though, I really don’t understand the people who consciously spend their free time watching award shows. Is there absolutely nothing going on in their lives that they’d sit through a four-hour sappy award show where people give mind-numbingly boring speeches? And then when some of the celebrities attempt to say something profound or political, you can’t help but cringe because it always comes out, well, cringe-worthy, only to be repeated ad nauseum on the news and in the papers the following day. You’d think they’d stick to acting.

If you believe the magazines and newspapers, they say that the award shows lose viewership year over year. Well, hallelujah. That does give me a modicum of confidence in the future of our species.

And yet these award shows continue. Why? Because there’s nothing better to watch on TV?

I’d rather chew on tinfoil than watch any award show. But I do know that I’ll probably avoid the movies/shows that win awards and rent the ones that never get nominated.

oscars 2009 angelina and brad

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November 13, 2009 11:40 am

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