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Andre Agassi Open :: An Autobiography


Apparently, I’m not in the know when it comes to celebrity crystal meth users- past, present, or future.  Maybe the same goes for you.

Or did you already know that Andre Agassi admits to using meth during the playing days of 1997, at the start of a slump that didn’t end until 1999, in his upcoming autobiography?

The story of his life, due out November 9th, 2009, promises to be be unlike the status quo.

In it, a guy by the name of Slim plays demon, convincing the Career-Slam Agassi that Crystal Meth makes you feel like Superman, dude.

But, to be honest, Agassi’s title and cover photo for Open interest me more than this confession:


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October 29, 2009 4:15 pm

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