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TOE Short Story :: A Summer to Remember [Ghost Story] – Chap 1

kirsten (:

by Kirsten (age 13)

uh i kinda lost interest in my other stories but i think this one is a keeper!!!

Chapter 1


I looked up from the pile of lettuce I was helping cut up for dinner.

“I said, I’m going to send you and your brother, Matthew, to your Aunt Marlene’s house for the summer.”

Mom finished her sentence, picked up the lettuce, and put it in a large bowl along with tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

“I heard you.” I watched the thought of going to Gymnastics Camp vanish. “I just mean, why?”

“Mackenzie, your aunt and cousin haven’t seen you in years.”

Mom looked at me hoping I’d be excited. I did miss my little five-year-old cousin, Hannah, but Aunt Marlene was never my favorite. She was nice but she focused too much on school, and being healthy.

The last time I’d been to Michigan, where they lived, was when I was seven, four years ago. I don’t remember much, but Aunt Marlene had me, Matthew, and Hannah – who was only one! – do a page of schoolwork every night before we went to sleep and eat nothing but vegetables and fruits.

“But I was looking forward to Gymnastics Camp! Can’t we go next summer?”

I whined, something that an eleven year old wasn’t supposed to do, but this was an emergency.

“They are heading to Italy that summer,” Mom sighed. “Plus, you can always go to Gymnastics Camp next summer.”

Before I could protest, Matthew walked up with his arms around his newest girlfriend, Emma.

He is fifteen years old and has already had about a million girlfriends.

“Hands off, mister!” Mom yelled as Matthew tried to sneak a bite of the spaghetti casserole she had just gotten out of the oven.

Matthew laughed and sat on the couch with Emma following him like a dog. Emma was pretty, I guess. She has blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I felt my own hair, which was brown and straight as an arrow, feeling a tingle of jealousy.

“Mackenzie, please help set up the table.”

Mom handed me the bowl of salad.

I nodded and walked to the dining room table and placed the salad down in the center. Mom came in after with the casserole.

“Dinner’s ready!” she called.

I sat in the seat closest to the kitchen, in case I wanted a drink.

“Mom, can Emma eat here tonight?” Matthew called from the living room.

“Sure she can,” Mom replied.

Emma and Matthew walked in silently. He whispered something in her ear which made her laugh. As soon as everyone was seated, we said our prayers and then started to eat.

“Where’s Dad?” I noticed the empty chair next to Mom.

“He had a late shift today,” Mom replied.


We ate in silence for the next few minutes.

“Did you hear the big news, Matthew?” I asked.

“What big news?” he answered, swallowing his casserole noisily.

I looked at Mom, “You haven’t told him?”

“Not yet,” Mom commented after setting down her fork.

“What?” Matthew’s face got serious.

“We are staying at Aunt Marlene’s for the entire summer.”

“What??!” His fork dropped with a bang. “I was planning on hanging out with the guys and Emma this summer.”

“Matthew, it’s just for the summer,” Mom sighed.

I totally forgot that Emma was here until her little squeaky voice perked up.

“I can’t believe I’m not going to see you for the entire summer,” she said, sadly looking at Matthew.

I almost knew exactly was Matthew was going to ask next.

“Can Emma come?” he said, reading my mind.

“Honey, I don’t know if Aunt Marlene will want the extra company and plus, her parents might not let her go.”

Mom picked up her fork and shoved a piece of lettuce into her mouth.

“I’m sure that they won’t mind,” said Emma.

“But still, I don’t know if Aunt Marlene will want the–” Matthew cut her off.

“Can you ask her? Please?” Matthew pleaded.

“I guess I can,” Mom replied.

Dinner passed by quickly, and so did dessert.

It was Matthew’s turn to wash the dishes, so I was stuck with Emma in the living room while Mom talked on the phone with Aunt Marlene.

“So… Who are these people we are staying with?” Emma asked.

“Umm… My Aunt Marlene, my Uncle Rodolf, and my-five-year-old cousin Hannah,” I replied.

“Do you think that they will let me stay with them?”

“Why do you want to go so bad?” I asked.

“That’s my business, not yours,” she said rudely.

I gasped and got up and sat on the other couch.

Emma stared at me for a minute and then turned her head back to the TV.

I hope that Matthew breaks up with her before we leave to Michigan.

October 19, 2009 2:25 pm

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