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My First Library Card


This post is in response to Hialeah :: John F Kennedy Library

Sometimes we reminisce in front of our children about things we enjoyed when we were young not even realizing that they are actually listening to us, then to find that they have not only been listening but, the next time my son went by the place I had spoken off he actually took the time to take a photo of the place, in this case The John F. Kennedy Library, in Hialeah.

Yes, this Library was very special to not only me, but also my two other sisters. It meant so much to us when my father would drive us there on the weekends. We would all get dressed up and with a smile on our faces we would walk into this huge building (for us, for we were just between the ages of 4 to 7). My Father would direct us to the children’s section and there we would look through all these beautiful books. Each of us at the end would be allowed to take out four books and pull out from our little purses our very own library cards! I must say this was a joyous moment for us when the librarian would take our card. We each would march down the stairs carrying our books, go home, and spend the rest of the day reading them.

October 19, 2009 1:23 am

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