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Sheds are Great Places to Hang Out


This is in response to your post, in particular #10, Sheds are great places to hang out. 

I thought you might appreciate the following facts taken from a (public) case (the couple is middle-aged; husband’s a trucker, wife, a nurse’s aide, live on a farmstead). Words should be credited to the judge presiding over the case, not me:

1. Scott Freeman then stepped into the house, banging into the wall as he entered, and asked for the keys to his Monte Carlo from Kelly Freeman. Kelly Freeman, smelling alcohol on his person, refused to give Scott Freeman the keys. Scott Freeman, enraged, then went to the garage and smashed out the windows of the Monte Carlo with a motorcycle battery. Kelly Freeman, fearful for the safety of herself and her daughter, called the police at approximately 4:12 p.m.

2. After smashing out the windshield, Scott Freeman called Jennifer Freeman and asked her to pick him up. He then secured his beer and retired to the “party shed,” a small shed located on the curtilage of the farmstead. Over the course of the next twenty (20) minutes, Scott Freeman consumed one (1) beer in the party shed and another two (2) or three (3) beers in an adjoining shed.

July 7, 2009 8:47 pm

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