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The Disturbing Twitter Psyche


In case you are not familiar with Twitter (bless your heart), people start trends – keywords prefaced with a hash mark – and thousands of people pile on with their 140-character-or-less contributions to the meme.  In this case the trend is #haveyouever, and I am again reminded of the wisdom of my mother’s instruction not to talk to strangers.

laubrambilla #haveyouever cried so much that you fell asleep and than when you woke up you were crying again?

Propafresh #haveyouever had a body part that hurt when u touch it but u keep doing it but when some1 else touch it u start actin crazy

prosice #haveyouever wanted to do weird things like slap someone u didnt know in the face for no reason??? or am i the only one lol

tokiosoul483 #haveyouever caught someone on fire – on purpose?

pondiscio #haveyouever Dialed the wrong number and talk for 5 minutes not realizing it was the wrong person?

MzDom #haveyouever dry snitched on someone so u aint get in trouble?

MrJaybee #haveyouever got beat up by your mom for beating up your dad?

mrcelltech #haveyouever wished that you were alone? I mean really alone.

Chopsondatrack #haveyouever gettin sum head and tha gurl ask have been eatin pasta cuz u tatse lik garlic.

volpinator #haveyouever rubbed peanut butter all over your legs?

adhmann #haveyouever Stopped in front of a church and started singing a non religious song?

MeriiZantiago #haveyouever kissed a dead body?

TCA2009 #haveyouever Voted for TEEN CHOICE AWARDS?

June 16, 2009 1:01 am

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