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TOE Poetry :: Drunken Nights

mr babylon

by Mr Babylon

Long nights are livable with meager beginnings
As initially idle sips of spirits or wine
Ease into warm conversations or sinful encounters
With friends for a few hours time.

Poison saddled sleep saps the senses,
Providing frenzied thoughts a welcome rest.
For without gradual dulling the mind once freed,
Gallops with the horsepower of a thousand coaches
and awesome energy of an avalanche.

The seasons of my life are always summer
Walking balmy boulevards with lonesome lust
Nights spent with mind and pores racing
To sweat out the grime of imperfect introspection.

All true humans spend their lives in a quest;
A search for the truth between the lies and lines.
Perhaps I seek to fulfill the American dream,
But a hostile shot of tequila kills my ambitions.
I’ll waste tomorrow sleeping off tonight’s odyssey
While sifting through twisted thoughts and broken artifacts.

June 15, 2009 1:56 pm

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