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To Work Out the Human Race


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I’ve recently been reading passages from books on the study of early psychology and learning how off the mark society was in treating mental illness. Forebodingly I kept getting my attention caught by terms such as demonology and possession. Indeed, many women were classed as witches, yes folks, long before the heady days of bra burning in the sixties’ streets, women could be freely lynched with a casual accusation towards some spiritual hocus pocus… religion anyone?!

You look back on these moments in our great civilization and you can’t help but think, “what idiots…” What were these people on; were they plain stupid or just sick, perverse sadists? But wait… I’ve already mentioned the bra burning and that was less than 50 years ago, and wait, I seem to remember a casual racist comment made by my grandmother some 20 years ago and at that point women were still failing to get equal pay because they didn’t have the balls for it, physically NOT mentally!

So wait, maybe we’re not as far removed from the dark ages as we would casually first think. I mean we were all ecstatic when Barack stormed the White House, but isn’t it a little embarrassing that it is such a big deal a black man is in office- shouldn’t it have happened years ago? Isn’t the racism, prevalent as recently as 50 years ago, as irrational and ridiculous as the demonology, possession and witchcraft, which I mentioned earlier? Clearly, we are removing the boundaries of ignorance here as Barack’s rise to the Oval Office indicates, but I wonder what else there is or could lie in store for us to shake the foundations of our fragile moral fabric? Here’s a few tasters…

1. Scientific research- proves/enables sentient communicative intelligence with animals… soon a militant vegetarian underground force is established under the banner “We are One”. Their aim is to free animals from the traditional quasi- cannibalistic practices of contemporary man. Society is divided.
2. Genetic research breakthrough provides the opportunity for proud parents not only to meddle with the sex of their child, but also their cerebral capability. Leading pharmaceutical companies spot the commercial potential and begin to market their service for millions, the rich/poor divide polarizes into a split in terms of human capability leading to the seeds of a new “master” race… Middle and lower classes revolt.
3. In 2016 consumerism is established as the leading catalyst for western civilization’s decline into a sociopathic society. The breakthrough comes when adults are found brawling outside a school arguing over the whiteness of their children’s teeth. The fight was caused by parent’s reaction to a Colgate advert asking, “How clean are your child’s teeth?” Similar cases soon emerge leading to a courts judge to declare that consumerism has lead to the prevalence of paranoia, lack of self esteem, the breakdown of marital relations, and aggressive tendencies… All adverts are soon banned.

Well maybe these seem a bit like a Philip K. Dick novel, but the capacity and endurance of humanity will never cease to surprise us and no doubt there will be many more twists and turns along the way. Who knows how we’ll be remembered in 100 years time for our attitudes and belief systems, one thing’s for sure… we don’t. Frankly, who cares, life’s short enough as it is…

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June 13, 2009 8:24 am

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