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McFearless – Kings of Leon


Kings of Leon

I love this song, but I think it takes the cake for most indecipherable lyrics. The “actual” lyrics are overlayed in the video, but I’ve taken a crack at writing what I hear from the singer, Caleb Followill.

Living with a name
They get the best of me
But I no walk away
I don’t complain
Not up with Zidane
So make a kiss of me
And like I peed in the bed
But then they know
Woman hit the road
And what would I care
I like going nowhere
I got no rain
Hurt your self-esteem-o
Make a bed, love

So I know I must show
It’s my show
I must row
With my sew
On my head
Where I stand
It’s my row
It’s my sew

Nat, he sees a girl
Sitting on evicting me
I ain’t seeking to have a safer say
Might not beat this out of me
I might quite easily
End up middle this math
Cross my t’s
Try to dot my i’s
But that’s a flying mummy
I ain’t living that way
I want my sleeve
To make a better man of me
I might easily

Just give up on the show
It’s my show
I’m in low
With my soul
And my head
Where I’m stead
It’s my row
It’s my sew

I’m a show
It’s my show
I’m unknown
With my soul
On my hen
Where I stand
It’s my row
Is my sew

End my show
It’s my show

June 10, 2009 1:01 am

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