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Mexican Folk Art and High Fashion


Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin of Pineda Covalin were the designers featured at this year’s Sony Ericsson fashion showcase. The show was introduced by the Mexican Board of Tourism with Mariachis and a large screen video enticing the anxious spectators with images of Mexico’s landscapes, peoples and architecture that were to be mirrored and captured by the styles on the runway.

Pineda Covalin’s perfect translation of the rich Mexican culture into fashion makes them proud ambassadors of their country. The inspiration behind the brand is to present the various aspects of Mexican and Latin American culture, from the mythology, art and sculpture to the nature and architecture of these lands.

All the pieces in this years Spring/Summer ’09 collection strike a perfect note. They are lush and vibrant with the bright colors of Latin flavors and yet the styles remain elegant and delicate.

The designers have been busy since they began their line working with the National Anthropology Institute in 1996. Their products are sold in top resorts like the Four Seasons, Sheraton and W Hotels. Their line now includes everything from clothing to handbags, shoes, jewelry and even eye ware. The designs are so unique and representative of Mexico that even Museum shops carry Pineda Covalin items.

All their pieces are exquisitely crafted in the finest silks. The motifs are conceptualized and then made reality through a complex process of silk screen printing, the same process used by Hermes and Henri Bendel, which results in the rich texture and contours of the fabric.

The clothing is both beautiful and iconic. The Frida Kahlo silk tunic is an emblem of Mexican art, as are other designs inspired by artists such as Diego Rivera. A dress featuring the Virgin of Guadalupe exemplifies the strong religious and mystical beliefs ingrained in Mexico’s history. The fertile nature of Mexico’s flora and fauna is also captured in fabulous patterns of silk and transformed into feminine and flowing dresses and scarves.

Designer Ricardo Covalin expressed his excitement about the new Coconut Grove boutique, which is already a big hit with Miami’s fashionistas. The clothing, for men and women, is a perfect fit for South Florida, with its breezy silks and resort linens for a night out on the town, or with more tailored looks for the work day.

The clutches and evening bags, covered in silk with beaded handles, are particularly striking and a big hit at the boutique. However, the best seller remains the cut-out asymmetrical silk printed ponchos, which can be worked in a number of ways and come in different patterns. Dress it down with jeans and flats for a bohemian chic look or pair it with fitted white pants and high-heeled strappy sandals for cocktails and dancing.

While you are shopping, don’t forget to pick up something for your significant other: The linen guayaveras and jacquard silk ties are a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Shop Pineda Covalin at 3460 Main Highway in Coconut Grove or visit their website:


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