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Downgrade Your iPhone With zweiPhone


There’s a lot of hype surrounding cell phones today.  Cell phones have become modern day walking sticks.  Once people leave their houses, they pull out their cell phones to help them walk.

zweiPhone wants to help a fraction of these handicapped cell phone users get back in touch with their roots, or at least give them the option, but they have to own an iPhone:

zweiPhone is a collection of stickers with used and old mobile phones. Each phone had a specific quality and style. They bring back a piece of classic design history on the back of blank and impersonal iPhones.

I wonder how many iPhone drones will dare to mar the blank and impersonal backs of their glorified walkie-talkies, thereby setting them apart from the sea of iPhone drones as they pay tribute to the mobile technology of yesterday?

If this sounds like something for you, visit http://zweiphone.com to downgrade today.

April 24, 2009 9:00 am

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