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For Young Men Who Can’t Get Dates :: A Street Sign in Toronto



Stop ignoring and
mistreating young men

A few ways in which young men are mistreated:

Women don’t usually make an effort to talk to men, so most men are forced to make the effort and when they do they are most often met with rejection, rudeness and indifference, especially in places intended for meeting the opposite sex such as clubs, bars and online dating sites.

Most women will go out with men who are older than they are but will not normally go out with men who are younger.  This results is many young men being unable to find a girlfriend.  For example if 30 percent of women aged 18-23 have a boyfriend who is over age 23 and if very few women over age 23 have a boyfriend who is age 23 or under, then this will result in 30 percent of men aged 18-23 not having a girlfriend.

Most women make no effort to ensure that men are treated fairly or to ensure that young men have opportunities to meet and talk to young women.

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March 10, 2009 6:36 pm

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