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Adolf Hitler Campbell Revisited


Looks like the ShopRite cake incident last month brought too much limelight to the Campbells.  No doubt the Internet did its job in disseminating the story of Heath and Deborah’s three children with unabashed Nazi namesakes, and the consequence was family-breaking.

That’s right, The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services came knocking on the Campbell’s door this Tuesday to remove Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell.  These three are now in the custody of the state while their parents await a hearing.

But this is to be expected if you think about it.  How can a family purported to have dozens of conspicuous swastikas jazzing up the interior of their Milford home, and a paterfamilias who brags about his relative who fought for the SS as he takes off his boots worn by a Nazi soldier named Daniel, not cause alarm as to their motives for assigning their offspring names that carry such painful memories?

This does not mean that the Campbell’s Nazi overtones provide sufficient reason to take possession of their children, it just kind of does.

But really, as numerous people around the Net have astutely pointed out, taking children away from parents that threaten the ideals of a nation is indeed similar to the M.O. of the Nazis.  That is where the irony sits in this whole episode, and, based on the few facts made available to the public, it is somewhat difficult to paint the state’s decision in a better light.

Per David Van Gilson, the Holland Township police chief, there have been no reports of abuse or negligence related to the Campbells, yet Kate Bernyck, the spokeswoman for the Division of Youth and Family Services, still maintains:

Just to be clear, removal of a child from a family is only done when there’s an imminent danger to a child and that wouldn’t include the child’s name alone.  We wouldn’t remove a child based on their name.

Then why, Kate, were Adolf, JoyceLynn, and Honszlynn carried off?  We’ll have to await further disclosure.

January 16, 2009 2:30 am

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