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Hittite Lesson 1

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Hittite is a tongue of the Anatolian family of languages.  It was written in cuneiform – inscribed with a stylus on clay tablets.  Other Anatolian languages I recall are Luwian and Lycian.  Hittite was the written language of the ruling class of the Hittite Empire, which flourished from 1800-1200 A.C.  The Hittites controlled – at one point or another – modern central Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. They fought the inconclusive Battle of Megiddo against the Egyptians, the first recorded battle in history.  They sacrificed puppies.  The Hittites of the Bible were a series of successor states that still identified themselves as Hittites, but there is little evidence of cultural or linguistic continuity between these successor states and the Hittite Empire.

The first lesson is in vocabluary:


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