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Uninvited Guests Vanish In Night


Clipping cut from the September 19th, 1946 issue of Grosse Pointe News:

grosse pointe news

A group of strenuous boys wanted in on a party in progress on Rivard at 11:30 Saturday night but the members of the household appeared to be choosey about their guests and decided otherwise.

When the would-be guests gave evidence of not taking “NO” for an answer the police were summoned.

But the youngsters, getting wind of the alarm, disappeared like quail in the chaparral.

When I read this account of a factual event that happened in Grosse Pointe, Michigan over a half-century ago, I imagine the uninvited youngsters, the choosey household, the summoned police, and even the quail in black and white.

August 27, 2009 7:06 pm

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