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Wynwood Art Walk :: July 2009


I know we’re already in December, but this is where I am in my head, at least for the moment, July of 2009, second Saturday, Wynwood. Excuse my blast from the past. It’s just that I take longer than most to catch up. To soak everything in, in no particular order. My lag is great and random. When walking in a group of three or more people, you can always find me at the tail end. A distant member. Slow to walk, fast to run.


I like this assortment of post cards a lot. Each one has a snippet of rainbow, but when arranged by the clever hands of an artists, the individual rainbows become a spiral, continuous and hypnotic. Forgive me, the name of the rainbow artist is unknown. My negligence hurts me as much as it hurts you. Abusing the internet, abusing other people’s imagination and hard work, but at least it’s seen by more eyes than mine. Right? Yes, it would be greedy to keep this work to myself just because I failed to jot down the name and work of the artist. Art is meant to be ours, forever.


At least I know the name of this Bradbury-esque work. Enlightenment (Lights). It’s ink and watercolor on paper. It’s being sold for $5,200.

four imps

And this stone and cast bronze is made possible by the hands and mind of Jose Bedia. He calls this piece Las Cuatro Esquinas. The imp basking in front, it’s hands clasped behind its head, it’s legs crossed, that’s nice. Reminds me of Sunset Cliffs. Of ocean spume. Of life under the sun.


Islante No. 2, ink, watercolor, watercolor pencil and acrylic on paper. Such a bland name for this fantasy world. Islante No. 2 makes me want to forget about science and create my own world, where everything just has to make some kind of sense to me and no one else. Nothing has to be proven. Nothing has to be axiomatic. No theorems. No laws. In this world, you make things up as you go along. Like Don Quixote. Quixotic.


I’m guessing that Donnie Darko inspired this.


Mixed media on canvas by Pedro Pablo Olivia. Pepito Malecon, Alegrias y Tristezas del Malecon. $45,000.


Oil on linen by Hector Molne. Cristo Latinoamericano. $24,000.

mary and atom

Seamless blend of religion and science. Quarks and nimbus. Don’t know the name of the work or the artist who created it. But it gave me pause on that distant second Saturday in July of 2009 just as it gives me pause now, while I listen to Radiohead’s Reckoner in my bedroom, Honeyed Cat alert on the window sill.

honeyed cat

There she is. Honeyed Cat. Sometimes she sits a little weird. I think she’s trying to protect her honey belly. Keep it clean.

jesus and atom

Is this life?

December 15, 2009 12:52 pm

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