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Joaquin Phoenix Quits Acting for Hip-Hop


Puerto-Rican born Joaquin Phoenix is having a difficult time convincing the world of his musical talent.  You may be wondering, like me, What, isn’t Joaquin Phoenix an actor?  Last I heard, all he could do was act well… at times, and now he’s a musician?  But why when he was already getting paid to act?

If this is the case, if you really are that far out of the know, let me fill you in.

On October 28th, 2008,  at the age of 34, the Oscar nominated actor confessed to Extra:

I want to take this opportunity… to give you the exclusive… that [Two Lovers] will be my last performance as an actor… I’m not doing films anymore.

Since then he has nursed a beard into full health and enshrouded himself in an air of mystery, which is to say that he never removes his shades and he never smiles.  That’s right, the actor who graced movie screens around the world, who won the affection of a sizable fanbase with his charisma and his scar, is now exuding the antisocial and dysfunctional energy of a profoundly bothered musician, not much unlike the role of Johnny Cash that he played in the 2005 movie, Walk the Line, except Phoenix doesn’t plan on making music like Cash, no, his genre is hip-hop.

If you’re wondering whether the Hollywood star is serious about this transition, if you are tempted to call his bluff, here’s what Phoenix has to say to you:

I’m not one of those people, like, when I break up with my girlfriend, I don’t ever see her again. I see her as friends, but do I ever think about getting back together? No, when I do something, I do it. So I have no intention.

Now it’s true that you don’t know me, so you’ll just have to take my word for it:  I’m good at reading in between the lines.  I can take any paragraph and sift until only gold specks remain.  Allow me to demonstrate:  Notice how Mr Phoenix leaves the door to acting open in the above quotation?  It’s all in the short phrase, I see her as friends.  That says it all, he sees he ex-girlfriends as friends.

So we don’t have to worry about Joaquin leaving the movie industry for good because he has no problem with seeing his ex-girlfriends as friends.  And yet another reason why we don’t have to worry is because heavyweights like David Letterman, without even giving the actor’s hip-hop a fair chance, are already telling him they won’t have any of his rapping on their shows:

I still can’t believe the part when Joaquin sticks his chewed gum underneath the desk. Doesn’t matter whose desk it is, it’s just bad manners.  But the dysfunctional and bothered musician is also easily offended.  It comes with the territory, I guess.

February 19, 2009 12:41 am

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