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Justin Bieber Song Slowed Down 800%


If you have a pulse, you’ve heard this song:

J. BIEBER – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Okay, so, um, I don’t want to keep this a secret any longer.

Everyone my age [30] is always so embarrassed to say they listen to Justin Bieber, and for the longest time I’ve been equally embarrassed. But this has got to stop. I have to act like an adult. I have to stand behind my opinions. Enough of this waffling. Enough of this pandering to the general consensus.


I don’t see why everyone is always denying him his due. He has talent. Not just any kind of talent, but the kind of talent that is so FULL OF TALENT, so


that his downy skin shines. All right,

I know he has acne now. I know he has to use the PROACTIVE. His skin isn’t the best anymore. He’s losing his smooth cheeks that every teenage girl wants to squeeze and coat with rouge.

But that’s all right, he’s growing up, puberty is changing him, so what if he has to pop pimple meat?

This doesn’t make him less talented. This doesn’t spoil his voice. Although it may spoil his image.

But his image means nothing to me! I’m all about his music. I’m all about his fucken angelic music. Yes, I can say it now without mortification, I can say it out loud goddammit,


August 24, 2010 8:05 am

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