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Hollusion :: 14 Scrabble Games; 42 Bingos


If you’re capable of seeing hollusions, stare into this Scrabble grid and tell me what you see.  For the hollusion-impaired, you can hover over each image for a revelation of the bingos in that game, or check out the typed list:


eastern, soaring, gentries, smartie, armoire, diluting, retainer, retakes, toddlers, remints, defender, fastened, thudding, inertia, consult, spooler, detains, retired, riveted, booties, antsier, rentiers, antlers, eugenic, trainee, incants, tirades, mongers, funnies, amnesiac, plotters, caviars, worries, absolve, kittens, marries, sorrier, regainers, entails, tarnish, tanners, stained

March 28, 2009 3:05 am

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