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Miami Street Art :: Wynwood


Before hitting up the indoor gallery and project spaces at Artwalk, we scoured the streets of Miami’s Wynwood District to bring you the current street art in the area. You won’t find little red “sold” stickers next to them, indicating that someone has spent thousands to hoard the piece in their living room. This is the art that is done simply for public enjoyment. Some are executed using wheatpaste, some stencils, and some straight brush and paint. Some are done by solely underground no-name artists, while others are done by the big name folks acquiring those little red stickers just ’round the corner. Most of these can be found on North Miami Avenue, somewhere between 2oth and 36th Streets. Rather than braving the ghetto yourself…

The following image is the work of Mariano Molina:

lil girl boom box

masked faces b w

owls shark tv


The following 2 images are the work of Gerard Ellis:


gerard ellis 2

color swatches 2 ladies funny guy


holy birds


June 28, 2009 2:52 pm

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